More than one thousand people attended the two performances of ICAN’s annual fundraising concert “Hat Cho Tuoi Tho 2” held on Saturday February 14, 2004 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Featuring music written by famous Vietnamese composers such as Van Cao, Doan Chuan – Tu Linh, and Lam Phuong, the concert brought together popular voices of Khanh Ly, Ai Van, Vu Khanh, Quang Tuan, Tran Thai Hoa, and, last but not least, Anh Ngoc, a golden voice of the 50’s era.

Supported by scores of businesses and media organizations, and countless donors and supporters, the concert was a big success and was the ‘talk of the town’, not only because of its good cause of helping underprivileged children, but also because of the quality of the music program that it delivered, and the talents it helped uncover.

ICAN is very grateful to everyone in the community for giving us a hand or simply attending our program. We learned that many of us (including Khanh Ly, Quang Tuan, Vinh Lac) have gone through the plight of being an orphan, and we all want to lend a helping hand. The preparation for the concert, while an arduous process, has brought many of us together. The concert is an event that unites the community on the cause of needy/at-risk children. The success of the concert proves that the Vietnamese community cares deeply about the children, the future of the Vietnamese communities abroad as well as those back in the homeland.

Among the fourteen shows / entertainment events available on Valentine’s Day (within the Vietnamese community),  “Hat Cho Tuoi Tho” was the only non-profit event with the goal of helping underprivileged Vietnamese children in the Bay area as well as in Vietnam.  Proceeds from the concert will go to support our existing programs in Vietnam and the Bay area.  Proceeds will also be used to build a new facility for Tue Tinh Duong, a free clinic for the poor children and families in Hue. 


ICAN members greeting the audiences

Many have joined ICAN in our work to help the children, including Lam Phuong, one of the Vietnamese legendary composers.  Despite his ailing health, Mr. Lam Phuong came up from Southern California to appear in the concert and voice his support for ICAN’s work.  Sitting graciously in a wheel chair, being completely at peace with himself, Mr. Lam Phuong acknowledged the care and concerns from the audience, and went on to say  “… don’t worry about me, my illness will heal…  please direct your help to the less fortunate women and children…  ”


Khanh Ly drops her head on Lam Phuong's arm. "Thank you for your dedicate work, for your great heart."

The program was orchestrated by Thomas Ngo, a well-respected Vietnamese American music conductor, known for his creative arrangements and unexpected twists in his program.  Through a careful selection of songs and performers, Thomas Ngo allows for each singer to bring out his/her best in their solos.  He also explores other ways to combine the talents so as to present old songs in a new light, to make the heart-warming music and lyrics come alive from a new perspective.  The audience was intrigued with a duet between Quang Tuan & Tran Thai Hoa, two of the top Vietnamese American male vocalists, in the song “….”  “… It was so different from the usual Vietnamese duet style, yet it is still very Vietnamese, and their voices blended so well together in perfect harmony…” 

Participating in the orchestra were the familiar faces of Tran Nhat Hien and Nhat Quan, two of the top Vietnamese violinists in the Bay area.  How many came back from last year?  They all came to ICAN and Hat Cho Tuoi Tho because of their love for the music and the children.

One of the highlights of the event was the pianist and MC, Mr. Vinh Lac.  Appearing for the first time in San Jose, and the second time in the role of an MC, Vinh Lac completely mesmerized the audience with his comments and knowledge about the Vietnamese literature as seen in the music of Van Cao, Doan Chuan – Tu Linh, and Lam Phuong, all famous musicians whose work form the theme of this year’s concert.   Being his usual self, a perfectionist in everything that he does, Vinh Lac has arguably raised the role of an MC to the next level:  not only should an MC help guide the flow of the program, he/she should also help the audience develop better appreciation for the music being performed.  Countless patrons have sent in their compliments and requested that Vinh Lac appear again in our program next year.

-         “He has the knowledge, and he speaks with such passion!”

-         “ A star was born!”

-         “It was like listening to a professor doing a review on Vietnamese music and literature…”

Our profound gratitude to our donors, business and corporate sponsors who helped make the concert financially successful.  

- Business and corporations sponsoring and supporting the event. Thank you

- Individual donors who sponsored the concert or donated to Tue Tinh Duong project.

Special thanks to Thomas Ngo and his orchestra, along with composer Lam Phuong and all vocalists present at the concert for their support.

Many thanks to the numerous Vietnamese radio stations, newspapers and magazines that helped to promote ICAN, its fundraising concert “Hat Cho Tuoi Tho 2” and other activities. Thank you

“Hat Cho Tuoi Tho 2” could not have been so successful without the help countless unsung heroes who have taken on the unglamorous tasks of selling tickets, writing script, providing lighting and sound, performing back stage, front desk, security duties etc.      

We invite you to look through more pictures of ICAN’s volunteers and supporters working hard together to bring to you “Hat Cho Tuoi Tho 2”

  Final rehearsal


Silent auction (painting & calligraphy)

ICAN members with technical team and singers


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