Completed Research

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2010-2017 Vietnamese Population Census Tract Analysis

Jasmine Tran & Quyen Vuong

Due to the obstacles of counting Vietnamese communities for the Census, ICAN took the initiative to provide a new visual representation of where our Vietnamese populations are highly concentrated. ICAN collected data, performed analysis, and compared this new data to data from the 2010 Census.

a study: reducing stress in vietnamese american dementia and memory loss caregivers

Dr. Van M. Ta Park, Vy Ton, Quyen Q. Tiet, Quyen Vuong, Gwen Yeo, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson

Vietnamese American caretakers face great stress in their day-to-day jobs. Although many organizations have programs for mental health care. we hope to incorporate a culturally sensitive perspective. By taking culture into perspective, we can greatly reduce stress in Vietnamese American caretakers.


Ongoing Research

Research Registry

Our goal is to register 10,000 API (Asian Pacific Islanders) including 2500 Vietnamese into a registry database of people are interested in participating in community-based research. If interested in participating, please contact ICAN’s office.

Upcoming Research


Family Protective Factors

Strengthening Families

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County want to utilize this program to track the impacts of ICAN’s programs. This nationally proven program will quantify the successes of our work and will be catered towards our Vietnamese-American community.


happy 5 program outcome

ICAN needs your input and participation to update our data on the successes of the Happy 5 Program. We plan to survey the Happy 5 participants to find out what they learned from our programs, and what positive parenting behavior they plan to apply at home.



The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute is a United States-based non-governmental institute created as part of a modification to the Social Security Act by clauses in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. ICAN will be taking findings from selected research funded by PCORI and disseminate the findings to our Vietnamese community in a culturally competent manner. The selected studies are about dementia and advanced directive.