WHAT IS Anh Sang Tinh Thuong?

Anh Sang Tinh Thuong is one of ICAN's humanitarian efforts to provide free cataract surgeries to poor elders in Vietnam so that they can continue to be the foundation of love, guidance, and support for their family, especially their grandchildren.

Dr. Tuan Nguyen and Ms. Quynh Mai have a passion for helping visually impaired people due to their personal experience with loved ones who suffered from similar conditions. The Eye Surgery Project officially started in September 2012 as ICAN’s project, with Tuan-Mai as project lead. Their team has grown from 27 to over 200 donors (including donors from Vietnam). “As Buddhists, we want to practice compassion and share our blessings. Running the project is exhausting, but we are happy inside and we sleep very well at night.” – Tuấn & Quỳnh Mai Nguyễn

Ms. Quynh Dao Cong helps raise funds by selling hand-knitted scarves and hats. “Knitting is therapeutic and helping others makes me smile. I’ve been smiling all day long since I got involved with the project,” she said.

To date, the project has completed 71 missions, helping over 7,224 cataract patients in Vietnam regain their vision.

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Imagine that you can improve someone’s life with only $40.00, the price of a dinner here in the US. Donate today!

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