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Thay Phap Chon

When it comes to helping victims of natural disasters, Ven. Thich Phap Chon likes to take the road less traveled. As ICAN’s spiritual leader, Thay instills and nurtures in ICAN, its staff, volunteers and supporters the sense of compassion - compassion for others and for oneself - which is the foundation of all of ICAN’s programs and approaches. Through Thay, ICAN got to know Lieu Quan’s patrons and many of them became our donors and supporters. They embraced ICAN and loved ICAN members like their own children. It was like coming home every time ICAN held volunteer meetings at Lieu Quan Temple.


Ivy Vuong

As a single mother who struggled to raise two children, Ivy Vuong wants all children to have more love, more laughter and more opportunities in their life. She is an engineer by training, a talented flower artist by nature, and a philanthropist at heart. Ivy loves the scholarship projects, visiting Vietnam on her own time and money to meet with the students.  She is also supportive of ICAN’s efforts to help build our community in the US, especially to provide assistance to single mothers.


Quyen Vuong

Quyen Vuong’s commitment to give back dates back from her days living as an unaccompanied minor in the refugee camps.  She knew first hand the fear and loneliness experienced by an orphan. She promised herself that she will go back to help the refugees, especially the children, so they can be in charge of their own future.  She went back to work in the refugee camps in Hong Kong in 1989, and has been a strong community advocate ever since.