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 ICAN INSPIRE Scholarship

Only 27% of the Vietnamese population in the Bay Area have pursued higher education.

Only 27% of the Vietnamese population in the Bay Area have pursued higher education.

Many of you are very familiar with ICAN’s mission and programs to work with Vietnamese parents and young children (0-5 years) to strengthen these individual groups as well as the Vietnamese community as a whole. With much support from all of you, we have been able to make great strides over the years towards creating happier families and a stronger community. In 2018, we expanded our focus to include working with youth, helping them to prepare for success in college and enabling them to be able/willing to contribute back to their community throughout their lives. This work was in response to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center finding that only 27% of Vietnamese adults over 25 years of age hold at least a 4-year college degree – this is tremendously behind the rates of other Asian minorities: Indian (70%), Korean (53%), Chinese (51%), Filipino (47%), and Japanese (46%).

This year, ICAN would like to initiate a new program to provide scholarships to Vietnamese students in our local communities. We aim to award ICAN INSPIRE scholarships of $500-1000/year, renewable up to 4 years to full-time undergraduate students at an accredited 4-year university ($1000) or community college ($500). Our goal is to launch the program with 5-6 awards for 2019-2020. We plan to open the available scholarships to students residing in the Vietnamese-dense communities of Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Joaquin counties. We will be selecting students who have demonstrated service and leadership in Vietnamese communities/associations as well as academic achievement but are lacking in financial support/family stability.

Aside from our desire to help these students with a financial grant as they strive to complete their education, another important purpose for our ICAN INSPIRE Scholarship Program is to encourage Vietnamese-American youth to step into leadership roles in the community to give back to the community that supported them and to inspire the next class to students to reach their fullest potential.

We would like to reach out to you, our supporters and friends, for help to make this program a success. Any amount that you can donate will go a long way towards helping our Vietnamese students reach higher. Please contact any Scholarship Committee Members for more details on this program and thank you for your support of our work!


Tuan Nguyen, Chair (tuannguyen2001@gmail.com)
Quyen Vuong (quyen.vuong@ican2.org)
Ivy Vuong (ivyvuong@gmail.com)
MyLinh Ha-Do (mylinh.hado@ican2.org)
Helen Lam (helen.lam@ican2.org)