IEP is a non-profit medical mission that performs surgical correction for severe lower-extremity deformities to under-served people of Vietnam and Namibia.


Previously known as Mission Peace, the International Extremity Project grew out of a 1998 medical mission to Vietnam. Our hearts went out to the dedicated and unselfish efforts of those reaching out to help those in need. IEP is part of The International Children Assistance Network (ICAN).

Our medical missions correct physical lower-extremity deformities to give a new chance at life to many needy Vietnamese. Our volunteer doctors perform surgeries and provide much-needed modern medical equipment and training in modern western techniques to Vietnamese doctors.

All supplies are donated or purchased from donations. Most of what we don't use in patient procedures, we donate to the hospital to help provide supplies that are harder to obtain in Vietnam. We provide all supplies related to the patient care, including medications, crutches, and splints. We also fund and pay the hospital for services used while there.

As we prepare for each mission, the medical team gathers needed supplies, from big to small. Our wish list of supplies ranges from specialized surgical equipment to items as seemingly simple as sutures, blades, and casting materials.

The IEP team is entirely made up of volunteers. We use our vacation time and are each responsible for covering the costs of airfare, hotel, and in-country travel through donations or our own personal funds. All additional funds go toward supplies, in-country hospital charges.


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IEP Medical Missions to Vietnam and Namibia