ICAN's Parenting Workshops in October, 2016

Dear parents/grandparents/caregivers,

Will you or do you face "the terrible 2" or "terrible 3" age of your children? Are you angry, upset and frustrated but still hope for when they pass this age, they will behave better? Hmm, no one can be certain. As a matter of fact, parents/grandparents/caregivers can change the bad situations into the better ones without waiting for days pass by. Are you willing to WAIT or to ACT NOW?

The first 5 years of children development are always important. Children will learn motor skills as well as social emotions during their first years the fastest. To guide them on the right track, then you will not face their "terrible 2" or "terrible 3" later on, please come to ICAN's parenting workshops at Tully Library every Wednesdays or Saturdays. Please see the below flyers for more details.

Please call 408-509-8788 or 408-509-1958 for registration.

*Certificates will be given after course completion
*Seats are limited

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