Workshop: Strategies for Success in College

“You’ve been accepted into college!!! ….now what?”

College courses go at a much faster pace than High School.  Many incoming college students are often caught unprepared for the intensity and speed of the college curriculum.  To ensure that you are not caught in this trap and avoid the pitfalls, sign up for this workshop from ICAN as part of our new "Prepping for Success: ICAN because I am Prepared" workshop Series.



  • High School grads
  • College Freshmen
  • Any interested high school students and their parents who want to plan ahead.

When:  10:00 am to 12:00 Noon.  Sign up for one of the two following dates

  • Saturday, August 11, 2018
  • Saturday, Sept 15, 2018

Where: Vietnamese American Community Center -  2072 Lucretia Ave, San Jose, CA 95122.  


  • Facilitated by Trinh Do, BS and MS from UCI, MBA from Stanford
  • Collaborated with student panelists from various UCs and Stanford University

Register:  Seating is limited.  Please register early to ensure your place.  

Sponsored by:
International Children Assistant Network,
a recipient of the 2018 Nonprofit of the Year


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ICAN named as 2018 Nonprofit of the Year

ICAN is proud to have been selected as Nonprofit of the Year by Assembly Member Kansen Chu, Assembly District 25 for our passion and unrelenting commitment and dedication to strengthening the Vietnamese American community by developing the next generation of caring leaders.  

We would like to share this honor with our funders, donors, supporters and participants, staff and volunteers who have trusted us and stood by us all these years - for without you, ICAN would not have been able to achieve such success.  Thank you for your continued support. 

Together, we can!


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Happy 5: Jumpstart Your Child's Confidence & Education

ICAN will be hosting a free education program, Happy 5, consisting of 6 sessions (check flyer for dates and times), geared towards parents who are worried about raising their children with two different cultures. Throughout the duration of this program we will cover childcare issues including discipline, diet, speech, social-emotional development, and more. Seats are limited so so reserve your spot as soon as possible!

Give your children a head start and join our program!

Please contact Hope Nguyen at 408-508-1958 or 408-509-8788 to register.

PWS Flyer English Aug-Sept 2018.jpg

Follow-Up Discussion With DFCS Director Francesca LeRue

Dear friends,

Following a very productive Meet and Greet event with the Department of Family and Children's Services director Francesca LeRue last fall, ICAN would like to invite the community to continue the discussion with Ms. LeRue on Monday, June 25th 5:30-8:00 pm at the Vietnamese-American Community Center on 2072 Lucretia Ave San Jose, CA 95122

Not too often do we have this unique opportunity to voice our needs, concerns, and ideas directly to the director of Santa Clara County DFCS! Please register directly on EventBrite below. A light dinner and free child supervision will be provided. Thank you for your participation!

ICAN March Positive Parenting Program Series

ICAN will be holding our March Positive Parenting Program Series on Wednesdays March 14th, 21st, and 28th from 8:30-10 am at Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School, 1602 Lucretia Ave, San Jose CA 95122

This free program will provide parents and care providers with early childhood development knowledge, ways to positively discipline, and how to build confidence in school and beyond. Children will be supervised while parents are attending classes with our educational games, arts and crafts and much more

This program is provided in partnership with the Franklin-McKinley School District and funded by First 5

Please contact Hope Nguyen at 408-508-1958 or 408-509-8788 to register

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Triple P flyer RF Kennedy Viet.jpg

ICAN Tet 2018 Celebration!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! ICAN is holding a Lunar New Year Celebration at our Family Resource Center, 520 W. Virginia St San Jose CA 95125. To welcome in the New Year with ICAN and to help your children learn about the traditions of Tet, please join us this Wednesday, February 21st from 3-7 pm

Activities will include:
-Resource fair
-Dragon dance
-Ao dai show
-Lucky money!

Please call 408-509-8788 or 408-509-1958 to register

Hope you see you there!

tet flyer 2018. English version.jpg

Chị Em Sống Vui


ICAN is holding its second Women's Support Group meeting this evening Tuesday, October 24th 6:30-8:30 pm at the Vietnamese American Community Center on 2072 Lucretia Ave, San Jose, CA 95122. The group will continue every Tue at this time and location. 

We hope this group will provide an opportunity for local women to connect and find help dealing with stress and/or depression or relationship or self improvement. Ms Iris Dinh, MSW LCSW is an amazing facilitator with many years of experience. We are grateful that Ms. NhuDiem Dang, MSW LCSW will also lend a hand as appropriate. Per participants' request, we will start the session with physical activities to be followed by candid discussion and sharing. Our goal is for people to feel refreshed physically, emotionally and mentally. Please help us share and get the word out. Thank you for your help.

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival/Lễ Hội Trung Thu

Join us for a fun-filled evening celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival/Lễ Hội Trung Thu with games, performances, lantern contest, moon cakes, and more! Free lanterns first-come first-served!

The event will be held on Friday, October 6th from 4 pm to 8 pm in Emma Prusch Park on 647 King Rd, San Jose, CA 95116

To register, sponsor, or volunteer please contact Hong Hoang and Hope Nguyen:



Moon Festival - English.jpg
Moon Festival - Viet.jpg
Moon Festival - Spanish.jpg

Meet & Greet with Francesca LeRue, the new DFCS Director

Please come meet with Francesca LeRue, the new DFCS Director, to learn about the transformation at DFCS. It is also a chance for us to give our feedback and voice our needs.

Please help spread the word about this important meeting to your friends and networks.

We need to show strength and presence and make sure that our voice is heard.

Event to be held on Tuesday, September 26th from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Vietnamese-American Community Center on 2072 Lucretia Ave, San Jose, CA 95122

For more information, please contact Quyen Vuong at or 408-708-8099

Meet & Greet LeRue and Viet community 9.26.17 (English).jpg

24/7 Daddy & Me Sessions

All fathers are welcome to register and come by the Gardner Community Center at 521 West Virginia St. San Jose 95125 on Saturdays from 10/7-12/2 (w/ the exception of Thanksgiving weekend) for ICAN's 24/7 Daddy & Me program to engage in fun and educational activities with your children, as well as share experiences with fellow fathers
*Children will benefit from ICAN's Kindergarten Readiness curriculum
*One-day free admission to Children's Discovery Museum
*Attend 5+ sessions for a chance to win an electronic toy car
For more information/to register, please call 408-509-1958 or 408-509-8788

24-7 dad English.jpg
24-7 dad Viet.jpg

Registration for October Programs starts Monday, September 11th

Please join us on Monday, September 11th from 10 am to 12 pm at the Vietnamese American Community Center on 2072 Lucretia Avenue CA 95122 to register for ICAN's October programs. Please note: All families who would like to attend ICAN programs must register one month in advance

Hãy đến vào thứ Hai, ngày 11 tháng 9 từ 10 giờ sáng đến 12 giờ trưa tại Vietnamese American Community Center 2072 Lucretia Avenue CA 95122 để đăng ký chương trình tháng 10 của ICAN. Xin lưu ý: Tất cả gia đình muốn đến các chương trình của ICAN phải đăng ký một tháng trước

Registration Flyer VACC.jpg

Ánh Sáng Tình Thương, 2012-2016

Sau đây là tâm thư từ bác sĩ Nguyễn Hoàng Tuấn viết về chương trình Ánh Sáng Tình Thương tại Việt Nam nhân dịp Giáng Sinh 2016 và đón chào năm mới 2017


Kính gởi quý thầy cô, quý cô bác, các anh chị, các bạn, các em và các cháu.

Ngày 18 tháng 12, 2016 tại Bệnh viện Nguyễn Tãi Sài Gòn, Thầy Thích Chơn Tịnh đã tổ chức đợt mổ mắt lần thứ 42.
Trong 4 năm qua, được sự đồng bảo trợ và giúp đỡ của Hội ICAN, sự hướng dẫn của thầy Thích Chơn Tịnh, chương trình Ánh Sáng Tình Thương đã giúp cho 4108 người bệnh nghèo tại các tỉnh nam trung bộ và các tỉnh đồng bằng sông Cửu Long tìm thấy lại ánh sáng. Chương trình Ánh Sáng Tình Thương cũng đã góp công xây dựng 1 cây cầu tình thương, 3 ngôi nhà tình thương- Tham gia tặng quà cho các Hội người mù (Quảng Nam, & Vũng Tàu), người bị phong ( Đồng Nai), tặng quà cho các em học sinh và các trại mồ môi, các thành viên của Ánh Sáng Tình Thương cũng là những ủng hộ nhiệt tình của các chương trình học bổng trong và ngoài ICAN, Trong đợt cứu lũ lụt 2016, Ánh Sáng Tình thương cũng đã tích cực cùng với ICAN đóng góp công sức và trực tiếp tham gia cứu trợ dưới sự hướng dẫn của thầy Chơn Tịnh.
Đáng quý hơn nữa Ánh Sáng Tình Thương đã tạo ra một môi trường thân ái cho nhiều người cùng chung một tâm nguyện mà đóng góp tham gia.
 Bước sang năm mới, hy vọng rằng với sự giúp đỡ và khuyến khích của mọi người, chương trình của chúng ta sẽ tiếp tục mang thương yêu chia sẻ cùng mọi người.

Kính mừng ngày Chúa Giáng Sinh, Ánh Sáng tình Thương kính chúc quý thầy cô, quý cô bác, các anh chị, các bạn các em và các cháu một mùa Lễ Hội đoàn tụ, an vui và một năm mới 2017 nhiều sức khỏe, may mắn, an bình và hạnh phúc."