Our Impact

Our culturally effective programs and soul searching discussions help participants bridge the cultural gap in parenting.  Parents and grandparents help their children develop strong cultural identity, while also formulating their own mix of cultural melting within themselves.

Our outreach programs have also helped community members become more aware of issues affecting their families and community, and the need to speak up to get help.

Our community service programs engage children and adults in helping to change lives which in turn strengthens their cultural identity and ensure their well being.


Happy 5: "I used to not say “sorry” or “thank you” to my children before. My parents never said that to me. But now when I say “thank you” to them, they smile back and gave me a big hug, and that makes my day."  — Hoang, San Jose

Happy 5: "After the session on self-esteem, I finally see the differences between the two cultures: here we treat kids like little adults and engage them in our conversation, while in Vietnam we tell them to stay quiet and listen when adults talk."  — Nga, San Jose

Covered California: "I'm so glad ICAN helped get Medi-Cal for us. We both got laid off, and our biggest worry was that our 8-year old daughter will not have health coverage." — Thinh, Santa Clara
Covered California: "Covered California is too confusing, but we are glad now that we have affordable health coverage for our family.  We appreciate ICAN staff taking the time to answer our questions, instead of rushing us out the door like other places."  — Nguyen, Milpitas
Radio: "I threw away all the soda in our fridge last time when I listened to ICAN’s radio program on sugar. I am also limiting my children on their daily juice intake." — Jenny, San Jose
100 Bikes: "I love to go to school and be with my friends so it pains me to hear that kids in Viet Nam have to stay home because their home is too far from school.  I never thought a bike could make that big a difference." — Angelina, Santa Clara
Anh Sang Tinh Thuong: "Bringing light to others is especially meaningful to us, as we understand very well how hard it is, and how much you are missing out if you cannot see.  It warms our heart to see more and more people joining our team, and it gives us hope that our family member will regain her eyesight one day."  — TM, San Jose
Census 2010: "I had been using the Census 2010 packet as a pot holder. Then I heard ICAN on the radio talking about strengthening our community voice through our presence in Census 2010. So I promptly filled it out and returned it." — Radio caller, San Jose