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Our Mission
Our mission is to help children in the Bay Area become successful and compassionate leaders by providing them with skills, confidence and opportunities to succeed in life and contribute back to society. We believe in a holistic approach - that, by cultivating supportive and empathetic family and community networks, we can raise children who grow up with the capacity and values to create a better world.

» From the White House: President Obama nominated ICAN's Executive Director to the Board of Directors of Vietnam Education Foundation.

» Hát Cho Tuổi Thơ 10 Fundraising Gala

» ICAN Brochure

» Newsletter: 2014

Stronger Communities, Healthier Kids



Happy 5 Ways you can help

covered CA


ICAN is a certified educator and enrollment counselor for Covered California (aka Obama Care). We help the community with the sign up process. Please contact us for more information (email: connect@ican2.org, phone: 408.509.8788).


- ICAN had raised $40,000 at the 2014 New Year Celebration & Scholarship Fundraising Dinner. See pictures here.

- ICAN had raised $12,438 for School Supplies and Uniforms for Students Who Are Currently Affected by Heavy Flood in Central Vietnam. More details here.

- ICAN and Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center had raised $33,585 for Haiyan Typhoon Victims in the Philippines. More details here.

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