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The CPAP Program started in 2005 when ICAN joined the Breath of Life Initiative run by East Meets West Foundation (known today as Thrive Network) to provide CPAP machines to help premature babies struggling with still developing lungs.

Today, ICAN has donated a total of 99 CPAP machines. These machines are placed in Pediatric and Maternity wards in hospitals throughout Vietnam. Together, we have saved almost 24,750 newborns.

Many donors have contributed to the program including key donors such as Lu & Dao Family (35 machines), Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan & Ms. Quynh Mai (13 machines).

We want to recognize the tenacity of Ms. MyHanh Do and Ms. Cung Dang, who have been tirelessly raising money every year to buy CPAP machines. Since 2005, their team has contributed 39 machines, saving almost 10,000 newborns.

“I just want the children to have a chance to live. It’s very simple, very basic but a very crucial need” –MyHanh Do