We envision building a Vietnamese American community

where everyone is Engaged, Informed, and Inspired

to make a difference.



About us

We are a community of refugees and immigrants trying to build a new life in a new land. We want to give back and help change lives, much like the way our lives were changed — for the better — here in America. Learn More... 


Who we Benefit

Vietnamese Americans and friends who want to make a difference in life. Learn More...


Our Programs

Our Parenting Workshops, Outreach and Education and Community Services reach many families in the SF Bay Area. Learn More... 

What we do

We provide our community members with knowledge, resources, opportunities, confidence and support to make this life a better place to live for ourselves and for others. 


Our Approach

We engage and support Vietnamese Americans in making changes and advocating for themselves - through culturally competent and effective programs. Learn More...

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Our Impact

Our programs have touched the lives of many families, from parents to children and elders to stay connected and healthy. Learn More... 

Our funders