We help Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese people living in Santa Clara County.  A few people even came from surrounding counties because of their friends' referral. Seeing that 26% of the Vietnamese American community does not have health insurance, ICAN decided to become a Certified Enrollment Entity with Covered California in order to help our community navigate the system. We ended up helping not just Vietnamese families, but also Indian, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, African American, Caucasian families to get affordable health care and/or Medi-Cal. If you need help or just simply want to ask questions, please contact ICAN. Our service is completely free.

Covered California is the health care insurance market place where individuals and companies can get affordable health insurance. Those who qualify will get assistance from the  government in the form of tax credits which go to lower the health insurance premium, the deductibles, or both. This is California's response to the Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama which has successfully offered affordable health care insurance solutions to millions of people in California and throughout the country. Covered California was launched in October 2013

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When Covered California was first launched in October 2013, it was estimated that approximately 20% of Vietnamese in California do not have health insurance.  Many were uninsured because they simply could not afford the monthly premium.  If you were caught in the middle, ie. you are not rich, yet "not poor enough" to qualify for government assistance, you were simply out of luck. We saw many cases where the husband and children had health coverage through the husband's work, but the mother/wife was uninsured because they had to save money for food for the family.  Many self-employed or unemployed people also remained uninsured due to the expensive private health insurance plans.

We were inspired by the benefits and equity brought by Covered California and the Affordable Care Act:

  1. Insurance companies cannot discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions (cannot charge higher cost).

  2. If you lose your job, you can get Medi-Cal right away to keep you and your family safe and healthy until you find another job. This expanded MAGI Medi-Cal is based on income, not assets.  This assurance has helped to lower stress, anxiety and depression among those who temporarily lost their job by corporate restructuring or other reasons. 

  3. If you work hard to build your future and your income happens to just pass the limits to receive Medi-Cal, you can still get very affordable health insurance (as the Silver 94 level is just a little bit more expensive than Medi-Cal which is free). This removes the threats that have discouraged many poor families from striving harder to get to the shore of financial independence. 

  4. All insurance companies are required to speak the "same language" to make it easier for consumers to shop and compare:  standardized tiers of insurance terms and benefits (platinum, gold, silver, bronze), same language for deductible, annual out-of-pocket costs etc.


  • Those who spend more than 9.5% of their income on health insurance premium

  • Those who were uninsured just because they could not afford to pay the expensive health insurance premium

  • Housewives/mothers who sacrifice by remaining uninsured so the entire family can have more food to eat. 

We are part of the collaboration led by Asian American Advancing Justice Los Angeles which receives funding from Covered California to do outreach, education, recruitment and retention among Asian communities. 


  • “I am a single mom trying to raise my son after a nasty divorce.  My company is small and does not offer health insurance so I had to buy the expensive private health plans in the market.  I used to have to pay $1400 per month for me and my son, but now, through Covered California, I am able to keep that cost to an affordable price of about $500 per month.  I hope this program will last forever” —NV, Santa Clara, 2014.

  • “I trust Quyen from ICAN so I came back to her every year for help to apply for Medi-Cal whenever I lost my job, or to renew my current health plan through Covered California.  She patiently answered all of my questions so I felt more assured and peaceful when I left ICAN office.  I even brought her all the letters that I received from Covered California for her to read and explain to me.” —CT, Milpitas, 2018

  • “I am grateful for Hong's help.  She was very patient and went out of her way to help resolve my complex situation and got me the health plan that I can afford. I will definitely tell my friends about ICAN's service.” —Le, San Jose, 2017.