Since 2000, ICAN has given underprivileged children in Vietnam hope and a path to a better future, as well as served the Vietnamese community in Silicon Valley with programs that support and strengthen families.

As one of ICAN’s first programs, the ICAN Dream Scholarship program has provided 170 college scholarships and over 3,000 K-12 scholarships to students in need. From 2011 to 2018, the project has helped produce 12 engineers, 9 physicians, 1 pharmacist, 3 teachers, 2 nurses, 1 lawyer, 1 architect and currently supports 30 K-12 scholarships and 32 college scholarships.


Pictured are three young doctors (Hải Đăng, Thiện Hảo, and Đặng Thị Thu Hằng) currently working in major hospitals in Hue, Vietnam who nearly dropped out of school due to the difficult circumstances of their families. ICAN chose to help and empowered these children to fulfill their dreams! The happy graduates are joined by Ms. Nga Ivy Vuong (second from the right) representing the ICAN DREAM Scholarship Program.

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After overcoming many hardships, Đăng Pháp is now an architect and Brahma Design and Painting has been created! A message from Đăng Pháp, “Please send my deep thanks to all of you at ICAN! Thanks to the help of the ICAN DREAM Scholarship Program, I have overcome the hardest times. Now I will strive to develop my career as well as the future so that I will not be disinterested again. I hope to be able to be involved with ICAN later in life to help many more disadvantaged children. I sincerely thank you!”