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Jan 6, 2018:  School readiness part 1, Hang Luu

Dec 30, 2017Beer and Wine, Nhu Nguyen

Dec 23, 2017: Nuoi Day Tre Vui Manh,

Dec 16, 2017: Nuoi Day Tre Vui Manh,

Nov 25, 2017Turkey and Thanksgiving, Nhu Nguyen

Nov 18, 2017Lullabies from North Vietnam, Bac Hanh

Nov 11, 2017: Nuoi day Tre Vui Manh parenting workshop, Hang Luu

Oct 28, 2017:  Halloween, Sugar & Candies, Nhu Nguyen

Oct 14, 2017: story time "an khe tra vang" and "cua thien tra dia", Nhu Nguyen

Sep 23, 2017: Cha va con 24/7 Dad participants, Mr. Huy & Mr. Hoan

Sep 16, 2017: Domestic violence and where to go to get help, Ms. Vivian Do from AACI

Sep 09, 2017:  Know your rights, part 3 - how to prepare with your family members, Tran N. Tran from the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations

Sep 02, 2017:  Know your rights & the red card (part 2):  how to protect yourself if the police comes to your home or stop you in the car or at the mallTran N. Tran from the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations

Aug 26, 2017:  Nutrition: allergies among children aged 6 months to 1 year oldNhu Nguyen, ICAN Health Educator.

Aug 19, 2017:  Parent ProjectVanLan Truong and Nikki Nguyen (Santa Clara County)

Aug 12, 2017:  Know Your RightsTran Tran, Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations

Aug 5, 2017:  The formative yearsMongHang Luu (ICAN) and KienAnh (parent)

Jul 29, 2017:  Mice and CockroachesHung Pham, Santa Clara County Vector Control

Jul 01, 2017:  Nutrition: GarlicNhu Nguyen (ICAN Health Educator)

Jun 17, 2017:  Father's heart on Father's DayHuy & Hoang (24x7 Dad participants)

Jun 10, 2017:  Story time:  Lac Long Quan & Thanh GiongNhu Nguyen (ICAN)

Jun 03, 2017:  Nutrition:  Drinks and exercisesNhu Nguyen (ICAN)

May 27, 2017:  Ba Trieu School of ConsciousnessBruce Huynh (Viet Unity)

May 20, 2017:  BullyingMai Doan (East Side Union High School District)

May 13, 2017:  What children need from familiesMimi Christine Nguyen (SJPD)

Apr 29, 2017: SugarNhu Nguyen (ICAN)

Apr 08, 2017: Baby teeth, Tuan H. Nguyen, DDS

Mar 25, 2017:  Nutrition for children aged 6mos to 1year , Nhu Nguyen (ICAN)

Mar 11, 2017:  San Jose FloodQuyen Mai (VIVO) & Long Nguyen (UVAN)

Mar 04, 2017: Pregnancy part 2, Dr. TheAnh Nguyen, MD (Kaiser)

Feb 25, 2017: Mother's and baby's health during pregnancyDr. TheAnh Nguyen, MD (Kaiser)

Feb 18, 2017:  Building confidence in little children, Mong Hang Luu (ICAN)

Feb 11, 2017: Valentine and Chocolate, Nhu Nguyen (ICAN)

Feb 04, 2017: School Readiness, part 2Mong Hang Luu (ICAN)

Jan 21, 2017: School Readiness, part 1Mong Hang Luu (ICAN)

Jan 14, 2017: Tet TraditionsNhu Nguyen (ICAN)