What is Triple P?

What We Do

By learning form each other through discussion-based learning and allowing parents to share their own experiences, parents practice how to become more attentive and understanding to their child's needs. Additionally, ICAN simultaneously provides childcare that focuses on the children's growth in the areas of literacy, nutrition, manners, etc.

Who We Serve

Triple P educates parents about positive discipline and how to build healthy relationships with their children. We encourage both parents to attend each session as it is crucial for both parents to be on the same page when it comes to parenting.

Why We Matter

Triple P works to bridge the cultural gap between how Vietnamese parents were raised and what is necessary for their children to succeed in American education. Early and consistent involvement in children's education builds bonding, understanding, and positive self image.

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Data CollectEd from 2016-2018

Data CollectEd from 2016-2018


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